10 Things to Do in Regina, Saskatchewan

10 Things to Do in Regina, Saskatchewan

  1. Royal Saskatchewan Museum

It’s unique having three separate areas in the museum. It features the Life Sciences Gallery that educates tourists concerning the province’s landscapes and biological diversity, the First Nations Gallery where you understand an in depth customs and history of Saskatchewan’s aboriginal communities and lastly is your gaze at dinosaurs and reptiles in the Earth Science Gallery.

  1. RCMP Academy

Regina homes the RCMP Academy, a depot branch which has been running and producing trained authorities. Other items to watch at RCMP Academy include the Centennial Building, the Firearms Complex and the RCMP Heritage Center.

  1. Saskatchewan Science Center

The Saskatchewan Science Center houses a collection of permanent exhibits as well as special displays that come from time to time. The museum is also famous for hosting social events, like Adult Science Nights, the After Dark Film Series and Fantasy Food.

  1. Warehouse District

The Warehouse District has been recently updated to a vibrant neighborhood that is filled with shops, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Over the years it was an area full of warehouses that adapted freight for the nearby railway station.

  1. Wascana Center

The 9.3 square kilometer landmass is constructed around Wascana Lake. The fourth biggest urban park in the country which is even said to be bigger than New York City’s Central Park. It is equipped with buildings, attractions and facilities making it easy for visitors to always forget their other schedules while appreciating the entire day viewing the lake. The center is also home to a fantastic number of waterfowl, like ducks, geese and other birds.

  1. MacKenzie Art Gallery

MacKenzie Art Gallery homes over 3,800 bits, with over 160,000 individuals viewing its artwork annually. This is simply a perfect place any art lover will want to be.

  1. Last Mountain Lake

The town of Regina Beach runs on the shores of Last Mountain Lake only north of Regina. In summer the town is a renowned resort area and is a top notch place to be if you want to enjoy your day at a beach. Activities like swimming is pretty good and you can also take a snack from one of the beachside restaurants.

  1. Casino Regina

Casino Regina accommodates over two million people yearly and is definitely the biggest attraction in the city. It features casino facilities for gambling fans. You are able to opt in for a series if you’re bored of gambling or would like to exhaust your winnings. There are also numerous restaurants onsite at which you may have a great treat.

  1. Saskatchewan Legislative Building

Speaking about the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, not only is the outside of the building enormous, the interior is as well massive. A 30-minute tour around the construction will receive your breath . You could even learn about its history and do not forget to decide on a camera to take photos of their attractive surroundings.

  1. Regina Floral Conservatory

The conservatory is a habitat to tropical plants, trees and blossoms. Engage yourself in a wander round the conservatory and admire the intriguing floral displays. 1 unique thing is how dynamic the conservatory is, if you are ever seeing Regina at various times of the year that your forthcoming will likely always be made worthwhile.

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