Hidden Gems in Southern California

Hidden Gems in Southern California

These are all Fantastic places to See, however if you’re Searching for someplace different that is somewhat off the radar, then check out the next amazing destinations:

The Channell Islands

My husband and I’ve lived in California most of our lives, but somehow overlooked these magnificent islands which are categorized among the U.S. National Parks. After viewing some magnificent photographs on the web, we chose a brief boat trip to Anacapa Island out of Oxnard within a weekend anniversary trip.

In case you choose to go, be prepared and deliver supplies. This excursion is for adventurous men and women in good physical form. You’ll have to climb 157 staircase to the peak of this hardy small island in which there’s not any food, water, services, or flushing toilets. I HATE outhouses, but I am telling you – that the perspectives of the rugged coastline, enormous cliffs, and jagged peaks were worthwhile. You may easily increase round the rim of the island in only hours using Inspiration Point a grand reward for the efforts.

We visited in June when bursts of glowing wildflowers covered the little island along with tens of thousands of cute infant sea gulls were available around every corner. Just beware of the protective mamas that will swoop in your head if you get too near.

We returned a few years later and seen the bigger Santa Cruz Island to get a thrilling kayak tour of this historical sea caves. On the boat ride there we watched a whale and two big schools of dolphins. The seas can be rough in particular things, but the caves were amazing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Many people today believe that these islands bare, but in case you have an adventuresome spirit and enjoy character, the Channell Islands are regarded as the Galápagos of North America.

This is still another stunning area that we neglected to see for decades. Located in Pasadena, the magnificent property is home to over a dozen magnificent gardens spread throughout 120 acres. Difficult to say which backyard has become the most amazing, however the Japanese Garden, the Rose Garden, along with the California Garden are a couple of of my own favorites.

We did not even get a opportunity to have a look at the art galleries. And to my shame as a writer, we didn’t pay a visit to The Huntington Library itself, among the greatest and most complete research libraries in the USA.

Next moment.

Napa may receive all of the focus as wine country in California, but my husband and I loved sipping our way through the coastal rolling mountains close to the seaside city of Ventura. We visited two of those almost 20 wineries and tasting rooms.

You may reserve one of the numerous wine tours provided. But, we chose to find a map and research on our own.

Surprises await with this somewhat lonely but enchanting street – out of the”USA’s Smallest Post Office” into the last place anybody saw James Dean living. We appreciated our bought bottle of wine and a picnic out on tables appreciating the Americana view.

Incidentally, both Ojai and Ventura are rewarding stops using enchanting inns, luxury spas, and bed & breakfasts alongside a large variety of outdoor pursuits.

Laguna Beach

This enchanting beach town is situated halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. With more than 20 distinct scenic coves, this beach area provides everything from browsing, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, and whale watching trips.

As a teen, I made a decision to body surf regardless of the churning waters and wiped out on a huge wave (believe Beach Boys’ tune: Heheheheheheee wipe oooout!) . In fact, I attribute the Beach Boys with this whole mishap since they moved and romanticized this entire surfer chick object with tunes I grew up on like Surfer Girl. SO their error.

On the other hand, the scenery can not be overcome. Insert ultra-chic restaurants and stores and one-of-a-kind artwork galleries and you have the picture. Each summer, they sponsor the Laguna Woodstock where baby boomers celebration like its 1969.

Heisler Park is a fantastic place to begin, situated just north of the primary shore, with a simple half-mile stroll along a paved route with breathtaking views of the shore and the soothing sound of crashing waves. It is possible to take one of those trails to the shores and wave pools. Hubby and I had a picnic on a few of those grass areas and it was fantastic!

Treasure Island Park is yet another fantastic place, situated on the grounds of this southern Montage Laguna Beach, in which the really rich remain. Exquisitely landscaped, many watch chairs line the easy-to-walk meandering route. Stairways and ramps lead you down into the shore, where you could walk through a gorgeous stone archway during low tide, locate a place in the sand for sunbathing, and a huge tide pool. Additionally, there’s loads of grass areas for a picnic. I would suggest bringing some cheese and wine to grab a romantic sunset.

Big Bear Lake

I dwell in the desert, therefore neighboring Big Bear is a fantastic mountain escape using its stunning lake and pristine woods. Boating, fishing, and hiking are only a few of the actions within this little, relaxing village.

Last summer, my husband and I cycled round the lake, enjoyed a picnic, then zipped an alpine slide, drove go-karts with rates around 30 m.p.h., also took a ride to the scenic skies chair for excellent views. After viewing people take the seat lifts to mountain bike down the paths, we place this on our to-do listing for second time.

El Matador Beach

It’s easy to overlook the little, brown sign pointing toward the little parking lot in the trail-head, so watch carefully involving Broad Beach and Decker Canyon Roads. As soon as you find it, then be ready to hike down a 150-foot bluff with the support of a steep stairs.

Not for small kids or people that are physically challenged, however in case you’re able to make it down the actions you’re going to be treated with stunning views. The natives know about this shore and you may see some photo shoots happening – we did!

There’s blissfully small to do on this small but magnificent stretch of beach, so bring a picnic dinner or any wine and detect a hidden nook to enjoy a remarkably romantic setting.

Redondo Beach

By this time, you have probably discovered that my husband and I are beach bums. We discovered this shore on accident whilst searching for a nearby place to stay at the night prior to flying out of LAX the next morning.

Truth be known, we did not attempt one of these outside, but we loved the views from Tony’s on the Pier at which we appreciated Happy Hour!

The dock can be home to some 16-foot great white shark known as Georgette, on screen in a massive tank in Shark Attack around the Pier. In case you have grandchildren with you or are youthful in your mind, you might like the semi-submersible yellow submarine (damn, now I have the Beatles tune stuck in my mind ) for underwater viewing of the local sea life.

Sure beats staying in a airport hotel if you are flying from Los Angeles.

Catalina Island

This island is much more well-known than a few of my prior recommendations, but a sentimental favorite. My spouse and I spent our honeymoon there 40 decades back and have returned a few times. A normal traffic jam involves two golf carts along with a bike built for 2.

We also took a bus Two Harbors, the only additional village on Catalina Island.

Decades later, we sailed our boat to the island out of Long Beach – that turned out to be one crazy ride. Next time we see, I wish to try out the new zip-line that is 600 feet above sea level with a single run that’s 1,100 ft long with speeds around 30 m.p.h. Wheee!

As you can tell, Southern California has many fantastic places to see, it is not possible to list all of them. But hopefully I have given you a few ideas to get you started!

Throughout the previous twenty decades of professional writing, she has authored three novels, had countless article published in regional and national publications, and won three awards. You may see her website at http://www.babyboomerbliss.net.

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